A new chapter begins!

SOLD! On July 15, we sold and moved out of the Preston Creek house. My new chapter in life was about to begin!

For the first three weeks, I was on the road, hanging out with family in Sun City Georgetown, San Antonio, and Uvalde.

First stop, Sun City

IMG_0957While in Sun City, I spent my days working at my parents’ dining room table, taking leisurely afternoon walks along the nature trails, playing golf with Wade, and even enjoying a pilates class.

Mom accompanied me on a day trip to San Antonio so I could check on a project. We had a wonderful time, met up with Wade at Buc-ees, and even enjoyed a little Facetime with Wade’s girlfriend, Tanya.

Mom’s high school BFF Martha and her daughter Jere came to visit while I was in Sun City and we spent a fantastic day catching up – I hadn’t seen Martha in a few years, and I hadn’t seen Jere since we were kids.

IMG_0950I helped Dad on a few projects, including some corn hole boards for my brother’s new restaurant, painting a sign for Mom’s garden, and finding a needle in a haystack – otherwise known as trying to find Dad’s eyeglasses on an 18-hole golf course. (we did find them – much to our amazement!)

I can certainly see how people fall in love with the Sun City lifestyle. It was a wonderfully peaceful, relaxing way to spend some time at the beginning of my new chapter.

San Antonio and Uvalde

Next, I spent a few days working in San Antonio, then moved on to Uvalde to help celebrate the grand opening of Hangar 6 Air Cafe!

IMG_1018My brother, along with his daughter and son-in-law, have created a magnificent restaurant at the Uvalde airport that honors Uvalde’s significant contribution of trained pilots for WWII. Who knew?? For more on that story, click here. And next time you’re in Uvalde, be sure to stop in and have a $100 hamburger – it comes with $100 in AvGas or Jet Fuel 🙂

IMG_1039I also enjoyed meeting the newest member of our family – Londyn Elle Schanze! Londyn’s mom – my niece Katelyn – was in town to celebrate her 30th birthday and attend the Hangar 6 opening.

My niece Krystyn and her husband are building a “barnominium” in Uvalde – and, I think I want one too! IMG_1034– although a much smaller one. This concept has become really popular lately, and I can certainly see why. While it looks like a barn on the outside, the inside is spacious, with high ceilings, and big rooms.

Back on the road again

Next, I spent a few more days working and relaxing in Sun City, then headed back to Dallas to take care of some final details and prepare for my trip.

IMG_1123Back in Dallas, I was able to spend some quality time with great friends… dinner and the Opening Night of the Olympics with Patti, golf with my favorite Saturday group, check out the progress on the Gerwes’ new home, and a whole lot more.

Preparing for my 3 month “eduVacation” was actually pretty easy.

I was able to do some serious “spring cleaning” before moving out of the house. I sold a lot of stuff on ebay, CraigsList, and my new favorite, 5miles.  And gave a bunch to Goodwill and Salvation Army. I was able to reduce my “stuff” by half (or more!) and keep just the things I really needed and wanted. 

On moving day three weeks earlier – despite an unexpected thunderstorm and heavy downpour – everything had been moved into the back of a 10′ x 30′ storage unit. It was big enough to hold some furniture and belongings, PLUS a car. 

IMG_1130On the night before my flight to NYC, I had one last task – to put “Princess” into the Storage Unit. I gave her a thorough cleaning, then backed her in to the storage space – just in case she needs a jump start after 3 months of hibernation.IMG_1134

It’s all about the “Adventure”

As I began this new chapter in my life, I’ve been determined to make this an adventure – in many ways. Try new things. Push myself to do things out of my comfort zone. Take a few risks.

I needed to begin my adventure with a new experience. I had never used über before – and frankly was a little bit intimidated by it. I was determined to über my way from the Storage Unit to the hotel, and also to the airport the next morning – despite several friends generously offering to shuttle me around. It was the first of hopefully a long list of firsts (and new experiences) while I’m on this exciting eduVacation adventure!